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Blast Rom – The Best Gaming Rom for Qmobile A2

Blast Rom – The Best Gaming Rom for 

Qmobile A2

Blast Rom Let You Play Games on Your Qmobile Noir A2
 it Really makes your device to run HD games with No Lag at all and without degrading the Graphics or Losing Any FPS! 
   Sounds Great na!?   Currently it is Tested only in Qmobile Noir A2v3 
   Yes you can say it Gaming Edition 
~It Does not Supports GooGle Play coz Google play runs in Background and for better performance of Games it must have closed! 


  • Pre Rooted
  • BusyBox installed
  • HD Rendering
  • HW Supported
  • No Lag
  • Loud Sound with Bass
  • Clear Display
  • New Camera
  • New Settings
  • New Status Bar

  • Modified Notifications
  • Modded SMS
  • True Gaming Experience with High FPS
  • All bloatwares and Unnecassry apps removed for more Space so you can install +100 mb Games 
  • Ram Tweak will give you upto 125 MB Free Ram  Dont USE any Ram Manager
  • Wifi Tweaks
  • Data Connection Tweaks
  • Battery Tweaks

  • Fix Force Closed 
  • Full Stable Rom
  • Smooth UI
  • Qualcomm Tweaks
  • VM Tweaks
  • Faster Streaming!

Rom Features Following:

• Beats for Best Audio
• Fly Gamers for Gaming
• Fly MOD for Enhancing Gaming Xperience
• Pure Graphics HD Rendering
• Sony Bravia
• Xloud Engine


In Settings>Applications>Running> Stop Google Services and if You want More Ram UPTO 125MB than Turn ON Airplane Mod Turn Off Wifi/Data || Also Stop “Android Core Apps” for More Ram 

DOWNLOAD =>  Blast Rom

v2 users must Flash this File After the Above

Thanks for Deyz Rafaz for Making the Fix for v2 Users 
• Backup before Flashing (in case of Emergency :P)
• Boot to CWM
• Goto Mounts and Storage > Format /system
• Back to CWM Menu Select >Wipe data/factory rest
• Wipe Cache Partition
• Advance> Wipe Dalvik cache
• go back and select > Install zip from sdcard > choose zip from sdcard
• Select Blast Rom Zip
• After Done
• Again Wipe Dalvik Cache (Version 2 Users Goto Below Procedure After this)
• then Reboot System!
• Wait for the Device to bootup (may take upto 5 minutes)
• After Done Simply Unlock mobile by Dragging Left Skull to Right Side! :) 

V2 Users 

  • Again goto Install zip from sdcard and this time select the Fix (Second File you Downloaded)
  • After Done! Clear Delvik Cache and Restart
  • If Prompt then select Yes
  • Done!



Xperia package for Qmobile A2 

hello to everybody!!
I think every one luv xperia launcher,widget,wallpapers etc.. and i also luv them datx y i hv ported xperia launcher,sony walkman,wallpapers,clock widget to my phone qmobile a2 and i think it will also work for other phones running on 2.3.6 or above.

This is a flashable zip so if em not responsible for any broken phones or broken hearts


*qmobile a2 or any phone running on 2.3.6 GB
*CWM 6 recovery


1 download the zip file from above link And placed it in ur sd card.
2 now switch off ur phone & boot into recovery.
3 select "Install ZIP from SD CARD" >>> "Choose ZIP from SD CARD" and then select the ZIP file and Select YES from a long list of NO.
4 finish 


Hell Rom™ – Fast, Pure & Reliable

 Hell Rom™

Here comes the Hell Rom™. A new custom rom for Qmobile Noir A2. This version is named as Xtreeme. The Rom is not fot Gaming best for Average users like Me :). If u r Ram needer than wait for next OTA Update! The rom suports many features and a lot of improvements. Use it and feel it :P. If You are facing ANY problem any glitch, fc or whatever you don’t like Join My Facebook Group and ask there i will try to improve So now lets see the features: (Maybe u know already coz i have already published them in this blog !)


  • CLEAN UI With Bravia Engine
  • New Improved Dark UI
  • New Boot Animation
  • New Statusbar with Extra shortcuts
  • Extended Power Menu
  • Added Bravia Engine (Smooth & Clear Display)
  • Added New Tweaks
  • SdCard Tweak
  • Zipaligned
  • SQLite Optimized
  • Better Ram management
  • Added CRT Off Animation
  • Ad Free
  • Sms Backup/Restore
  • Android Device Manager
  • ICS Like Pattern Lock
  • New Sms app, I’ve added go sms as default! Its featured and rich with themes!
  • New Dialer & Contacts
  • Added OTA Updater 
  • New Modded Settings
  • New Lock Screen with New Look!
  • Jellybean Clock
  • Flash Player
  • Init.d Tweaks
  • Build.prop tweaks
  • New Keyboard
  • Ability to Change Color of Statusbar
  • Ability to Change Color of Notification bar
  • Added Brightness slider
  • Device Manager Included
  • and More…

There are two methos for this one for A2v2 and other for A2v3. Do the method specific for your mobile:

A2 v3
Move the Downloaded zip to sdcard
Boot to CWM Recovery!
Format /system
Wipe Data/Factory Rest
Wipe Partition Cache
Wipe Delvik Cache
Install Zip from SDCard > [Select Rom].zip
Wipe Delvik Cache Again!

A2 v2
Move the Downloaded zip to sdcard
Boot to CWM Recovery!
Format /system
Wipe Data/Factory Rest
Wipe Partition Cache
Wipe Delvik Cache
Install Zip from SDCard > [Select Rom].zip
Wipe Delvik Cache Again!
Install Zip from SDCard > [Select the Fix].zip
Wipe Delvik Cache Again!

Credits: Hell_X naqi chauhan, Deyz Rafas, Dzol Cp, Qmobilea2, Jank4AU  and XDA

[ROM][TURBO][QMobile A2]|Turbo speed!!!

 TURBO|Turbo speed!!!

  • Light and Premium just 86 mb in size.
  • Prerooted
  • Zipaligned all apks for better RAM utilization
  • Completely Deodexed
  • Full Jb & ICS themed UI
  • A little much touch of 4.4 Kitkat UI
  • All stock Apps are themed
  • No third party Apps
  • New jellybean like Lockscreen
  • Removed Auto-killer entries from kernel
  • Studio Quality Sound
  • Half-Swap Technique to increase Ram Performance
  • Introducing Turbo Engine For Extreme Performance!
  • Change The signal bar colour as u wish (see screenshot for more info)
  • and A lot of Features waiting inside Rom

  • Download the All three files and place them into the SD Card
  • Go to mountsandstorage & format System
  • Wipe data/factory reset
  • Under andvanced,Wipe dalviks cache.
  • Install zip from SD CARD then Flash TurboRom-qmobilea2 first
  • After First Flash get completes , flash Turbo
  • Now Reboot
  • After the phone bootup now Install the busybox latest version i.e., 1.21
  • After Installing Busybox, reboot into recovery directly
  • Now Flash nd after flashing just reboot
  • It will take 3-5 minutes to bootup so wait for it!
  • Now feel the turbo power!            

Utilize Turbo Engine!

  1. First download & Install this app on your phone |Android Terminal Emulator

  1. Now launch the app
  1. Now type su & press enter ,it will prompt superSU permissions ,grant it
  1. Now Type Turbo to check whether Turbo engine is working or not!
  1. If its working properly then it will show every thing installed!

Turbo Boost!!
  • Open Android terminal emulator nd type su nd tap enter
  • Now type boost to boost the android system in real time !!! Turbo nos :P
  • Now close the app
  • Do this boost only when u having low ram nd want to play games !

To increase ram performance
 (It is part of Half swap technique, half swap is already active by default in rom)
  • Download Swapper for Root
  • open the app & select Active Swapon Boot
  • enter the size in the box as 600 mb...make sure u have 1 gb of freespace on your memory card all the time. (if u have 8 gb cards u can use 900 mb too but make sure u have aroung 1 gb of extra free space on card)
  • click save..
  • Now itl take some time and you must have patience and not click anything because it is creating a swap file on your memory card.
  • once done deselect "active swap on boot". &
    click save and close the app..
  • again open the app,now select "active swap on boot"
  • And now u r done 
Now Play HD games with chainfire3d


Android terminal emulator

Swapper for Root

Chainfire 3d pro v3.3